Direct Selling puts ‘power’ in hands of women


The Direct Selling Industry first made it’s way into India in the 1980’s. It acquired sufficient recognition only in 1995 with the Arrival of Amway. Soon, other big players like Oriflame and Avon quickly jumped into the scene in order to grab their share of the market as well. Direct selling has been a boon in a developing country like India, providing job opportunities to anyone who desired to start their own business.

The first few companies that were introduced like Oriflame and Avon,  focused on women’s products. Their aim was to empower women to engage in direct selling as their primary products included cosmetics, body care and jewelry for women. As time went by, and the companies began to add more products to the portfolio that weren’t gender restricted, women continued to shine as successful entrepreneurs.

Women empowerment:

Direct selling can be an additional source of income for many and provide job opportunities to others. For women who are homemakers or are looking for extra income to reach financial stability, direct selling plays an important role. It gives women the freedom and flexibility that is required to manage both their professional and personal lives. Direct selling provides equal opportunity and equal pay with no bias for gender. Such an industry provides a fair playing ground for both genders.


From the above table, it is evident that women constitute more than half of the direct selling community in the top states. Increasing the employment opportunity equally for both genders has given women the confidence to achieve success in this industry.  Empowering them with the ability to earn from the comfort of their homes at a time convenient for them is something that direct selling takes pride in having accomplished.

Many direct selling companies offer opportunities with very less investment. They also provide training on how to run a successful direct selling business. This allows even women without high educational qualifications to be able to earn through direct selling.

The Direct selling industry has offered women the choice for personal development and a path to financial independence and stability. This has inspired lakhs of women to join the industry, take the opportunity, learn the business, master it and find success on their own terms.


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