Writing this article I am reminded of a character popular in the Batman Comics – Two Face. The real name of Two-Face was Harvey Dent. He portrayed to the general public that he was a crusader working in their interest but in actuality, the public was not aware of the devious face of Harvey Dent which worked against the public to fuel his greed.
It is important to expose to the people of India and in particular the government authorities/media who have been supporting the self-claimed activist Gurupreet ‘Two-Face’ Anand who has made QNet the ‘financial terrorist’ organization in India.

In our article http://www.itrustqnet.com/general/gurpreet-anand-not-a-victim-of-qnet-but-a-smart-activist/ we exposed the biggest fallacy that Gurpreet Singh Anand has been feeding the people of India through certain sections of media. The fallacy was that neither did the activist or his wife have any transaction with the company Vihaan Direct Selling or Transview Enterprises. In fact, the payment was made to individual Chinar Surendra. Post the issuance of the cheque to an individual, Gurpreet Anand bounced the cheque.

So while Gurpreet Anand is fueling the media with his commitment to bring down QNet and its franchise in India – Vihaan Direct Selling on the offline space. He has a history of promoting ‘work-at-home scams’ online. This has been identified on his on twitter handle @gurupreetanand
Here below is an image of some his twitters posts:

The above image is just one of the several (nearly 30 plus) we have tracked since he opened his twitter account.
In one such tweet Gurupreet Anand states ‘Check out this article! I made $ 350 today!’
In another tweet the activist states, “Local unemployed single mom makes $387/hour working from home. Read it’.

In yet another he states, “Unemployed mom earns $2000/week work from home jobs online. Visit this webpage”

The website that the activist was driving his friends towards the most was www.weekjob.net. This website had been discontinued after the work-at-home-scams started to be tracked by government authorities in the US and UK and this domain name is now available. More interestingly most the sites referred by the activist besides www.weekjob.net has been disabled by Google for violating their Terms of Service.

The question we are trying to raise is that if Gurpreet Anand has no qualms about promoting get rich schemes about single moms working from home or work-from-home scams, which has witnessed global scrutiny and considered to be a global scam with an underworld cartel supporting most of these scams. Then it is fair to assimilate and opine that the attack on QNet of cheating people, money laundering and financial terrorist is misplaced and even bordering on devious intent, much like the ‘Harvey Dent – Two Face’ in the Batman Comics.

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