Not too long ago American singer Tammy Wynette crooned ‘Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman’ and when I think about the hard times we face as QNet self-made women entrepreneurs in the country, nothing can be truer, that it is indeed ‘hard to be a woman’.

I joined QNet five-years ago and have evolved from being just a newly married shy housewife with a degree in commerce and a few years of experience in a call-centre to a strong independent spouse and mother who collectively works with my husband to make a better life for our little family.

I too initially was apprehensive about being snared into the multi-level marketing trap. But education taught me to do my homework before I start any leg work.

The information available on QNet in the online space had a fair share of positives globally and a lot of negatives in India (though the sources of those information on the online space were not credible to rely on it), but it did not sway me, because the friend who introduced me to the QNet system was trustworthy and I saw how her life had transformed for the better with her hard work.

My experience with QNet has been exhilarating and it has made me so much more enterprising and confident about myself.

The last two years and more particular the last one year have turned my dream business into a nightmare. While my network continues to grow and business moves northward, I am being under the watchful eyes of the law enforcement agencies that have been led to believe that QNet is a cheat and fraud company.

Two weeks ago when I was in a discussion with my network at a coffee shop in sub-urban Mumbai, the police in that area just accosted us and were about to arrest us on the pretext of working for a fraud company and cheating people. It was clearly evident that he was not aware of the ongoing litigation and the rights we are protected with, nor did it matter to him. It appeared that all he wanted was to be paid to stop harassing us at the coffee shop. Quite honestly it would have been an embarrassment, if it happened to me for the first time, but it was not the first time and I know it will not be the last, therefore I decided to write this article.

Today, a prostitute sitting and offering her services in a coffee shop will not be targeted by the police while a woman networker from QNet in a legitimate organisation will be most likely treated as a criminal.

I come from a respectable and educated family and I would consider myself to be knowledgeable enough to know that I am working on something illegal or not. Compare that to the complainant, whose own family relationship is in disorder, when a son assaults his father with a rod as reported in some sections of the media, you know you are dealing with a psychotic with no values or upbringing. And I am at loss of words to even understand the compulsion of the government authorities to act so aggressively on the words of a criminal rather than individuals like me, who have a clean track record in society.

This criminal Gurpreet Anand to what I learned recently did not even buy the products from our e-Commerce portal but instead he bounced the cheque given to an individual and not our organization.

His case had no importance, if at all he has got any mileage it is because of renowned financial journalist Sucheta Dalal and her NGO MoneyLife. But, can we really believe her, after the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) Investors Action Group’s complaint to the Police Commissioner of Mumbai alleging that the journalist functioned with bias and her husband Debashis Sahu even took kickbacks from parties with vested interests to the tune of Rs 40 crore.

So really what are the authorities basing their entire claims on such tainted characters or the many people like me who have worked in the QNet system and trust it.

I am a working woman and I am not a criminal. I have a right to earn my livelihood in this country and if the government feels that this industry needs to be regulated, then it must work towards creating the regulation. Targeting innocent individuals like the many in the QNet family, reeks of an attempt to have their palms greased big time.

In a network of over 200,000 individuals in India, if you get 40 complaints from disgruntled element who have not understood the ‘referral program’ initiative and how it can be turned into a profitable income source with hard work, do you go about targeting the other lakhs of networkers who have used the referral program successfully.

I smell a rat on this entire episode of attacking QNet. It appears that certain organizations with vested interests are working in tandem with the political class and government authorities to target QNet deliberately, to destabilize the business and the network.

But what the police authorities fail to understand is that I am not the only woman in the network and we are a formidable force and the time is soon coming, when the women power of QNet network will show the people of India that our constitutional rights cannot be trampled upon. You cannot categorize QNet workers as criminals just because you think it is best way to make money from us.

You have no right to take our names and the names of our family, and rub it into the ground, by your acts of public harassment’s.

I Trust QNet and the truth about us will prevail…

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