The global Direct Sales industry stands at an annual revenue of $182 Billion USD at the end of the year 2014. To give you a flavor, there are more than 1000+ companies operating just in the USA.

So, why are you throwing stones at QNET and singling us out ?

Well, if we look at the history of Network Marketing, it is not something new. For example, one of the pioneers of the industry, Amway, was almost at the verge of being shut down in the USA, and fought a long drawn out battle against the FTC for four years, finally came out victorious, and was accepted as a “legitimate business opportunity” in a landmark verdict.

Another pioneer of the industry, Herbalife, went through a similar litigation in the USA and finally came out victorious.

Today, QNET is looking forward to a similar turnaround in India, and we, for the government to bring in the desired regulations (refer the FICCI report at to stop our harassment by the elements that be, once and for all.

It takes time for the average mind (and here we are dealing with the IQ levels of the likes of Mr. “A” and Mrs. “D”) to understand and accept the industry as legitimate.

Let us also talk about our products. Mr. “A” in one of his histrionic interviews claims our products being over-priced and worthless. Can I draw your attention to this ranking of Swiss Watch brands  ? Hey look, our brands B.H.MAYER and CIMIER  have bagged the 4th and 11th spots !! Hurray !! Doesn’t that deserve a resounding applause now ? Oh but Mr. “A”, you may say, “I never heard these brands in my life!”. Well then, do you really wear swiss watches (ever) ? Here is a link specially for you : – read about CIMIER here. “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance” – Nathaniel Branden

Talking about our QVI resorts needs a separate write-up of its own. But just so that you know, one of our very own home properties, Prana Beach Villas, Koh Samui, Thailand, is trending as a 4-star property at TripAdvisor  and holds a Certificate of Excellence. Beautiful vacations, beautiful destinations – that is our QVI.

I myself enjoyed an amazing vacation at Leisure Woodstock Villas, Coorg, on my son’s second birthday, booked through QVI. Isn’t that a paisa vasool ?

One must spend some time reading numerous testimonials about our QNET products at and .

That shouts out an interestingly new paradigm to the whole propaganda, does it not ?  If you get to enjoy such quality products and services, where is the question of a fraud or a money loss ? The business opportunity anyways comes for free bundled up along with the product – no joining fees for that. Perhaps, a better understanding of the products is key, which is being completely overlooked by a chosen few ?

Every once in a while, we also keep getting dragged back to the ghost of Gold Quest in Chennai. Hey listen, once and for all, ladies and gentlemen, we were honourably discharged by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India Give it up !

And then, there is this why_did_you_change_your_name “allegation” – that too makes us a scam ? Really ? So, how about these companies , some of them big global giants who also changed names ? The list is quite impressive – Google, Yahoo, IBM, Playboy, Apple, Hertz, Blackberry, Subway, Sony, to name a few. They too a scam by the same logic ? Shakespeare once said, “what’s in a name !”

To summarise :

The kid is growing up, and growing up fast. Stop bullying us, we are strong, we are live, and we are here to stay. Going by the trend,  we will soon be No. 1, globally !

And why at all the need for me to write at I TRUST QNET ?

It is absolutely essential that the oppressed participate in the revolutionary process with an increasingly critical awareness of their role as subjects of the transformation” – Paulo Freire


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