I heard the name QNet for the first time from my sister. I have seen her grow with it. I have seen her evolve from a shy and studious girl to this bold and independent woman who is looked upon with respect. I never realized that my thin and skinny sister, who used to give me head-aches with her squeeky voice, was indeed an embodiment of empowerment.
My sister was just an ordinary girl coming from an extremely ordinary family. She was really good in her studies, and that was it! She was the school topper and same in college.

Embarassingly enough I was the exact opposite of what she was, and her marks haunted me my entire academic life! Life took a toll on us when we lost the center of our universe-our Father. Things weren’t the same after that. We weren’t the same anymore. When she told me that she was going to do a business I laughed at her. I was so much consumed by the idea that my sister, a girl coming from a mediocre family with no business background whatsoever, would fail in doing business. I wanted to know about this business, and when she introduced the business plan to me, I didn’t understand a single thing, to be honest! But I saw a wave of excitement spread all over her face as she explained. I was surprised by her new initiative, but I wasn’t doubtful. I wasn’t doubtful about the business, and about my sister. She always seemed to know her way around, and this made us confident about her. So we, me and my mother, gave heads-up, and her journey began there.

Almost 1 year later, I learnt that she had become a full-time networker, handling clients and even scores of them from different caste, creed, language, culture, and in fact different countries!!! I realized that she was no longer that shy girl she used to be, and had evolved into an individual who had a point to make and a stand to take in every aspect of her life. I felt elated. I mean who doesn’t want to see their sister being respected and loved by so many people.

But I was really shocked when one of my friends, of my own kind, started doing business with her. This made me a frequent visitor to their offices, and I met a lot of networkers. I wouldn’t think again if I have to say that networkers are the most amazing creatures in this world because that is the truth! I have never seen supportive people like this. In fact, I have never seen genuinely supportive people before. While growing up, I was consumed by this idea of ‘unconventionality’ that I started re-wiring my thoughts. This, funnily enough, transformed me into rebelling everything and everyone. I was stupid and rebellious, and this my friends is a really bad combination. Unconventionality was recklessness for me. But she taught me a different perspective about life. To understand people and, most of all love them for what they are.

It wasn’t very late until I heard the rumors, and saw arrests related to the company. So naturally I referred this to my sister. With a sarcastic smile she replied, ‘French fries kill more humans than guns and bombs do, yet no body is afraid of it’. I got what she meant! I wanted to know what the business was about. I tagged along with my friend, whom I mentioned earlier, and went along with him to their meetings for the sake of my sister’s safety. With proper exposure and prolonged on-field observation, rather than feeding on a lot of rubbish from the internet, I was able to understand the logic behind the business, and I was happy about what I found out. I found out that contrary to the traditional business, this focuses on upbringing people collectively. Interesting thing was that it could get successful, reliable, and sustainable if there’s a 100% genuine effort from the partners.

Now this is a crime, isn’t it?! It’s a crime to work collectively for a positive cause on unconventional lines because the traditional market can never accept this, and whatever they cannot accept, society won’t accept. Everybody is familiar with the saying, “whenever something new comes, there will be resistance”. Everyone rants about how this “resistance” is everything that is wrong with this world. But whenever something new comes, these exact same people ‘resist’ and they themselves become the resistance. I knew what my sister and her ethics were so I let her fight her battle for what she believed in.

I am amused by the degree of enthusiasm and energy with which these people knock out the allegations coming in their direction. For me they are like warriors fighting to liberate this world from shackles of all sorts of falsifications. They don’t listen to the restraining calls of the ignorant, or give in to the fears of the hypocrites. A group of hardworking dreamers, or outcasts as the society would call them, fed up with the wrongly established systems and manipulated allegations, united to bring in the change. But they didn’t just talk about bringing in the change. They knew that in order to bring the change they would have to be the change, and that’s what they did. They ignored the ignorant, and managed to venture along. I respect them for their efforts and sacrifices.

I came across an article my sister shared yesterday on her Facebook profile. It was a really powerful article which explained the fact that maybe, just maybe, women might have bigger balls than men! I am a guy, and it literally hurts to say this, but apparently this is the truth. Today women are more spontaneous and responsive than men, and I have my sister as an example. Sometimes I look at her and wonder how did she ever change this much, from a timid nerdy girl, to this valiant woman respected by many, and unabashed by any level of hindrance. She is everything a feminist talk about but never does, and everything a guy fears in a woman. I am not simply spewing out praises because she is my sister. I have known her as my sister, and as an individual, and she is the strongest woman I personally have known till date. The best sister to me, the best daughter to my mother, my best friend and motivator, and most of all an amazing human being. I am sincerely obliged to this company and its people for molding a wonderful person out of her.

And a word for all those people who strongly oppose this company by saying that it cheats people. The biggest crime in this world is cheating oneself, and believe me most of the people are doing that. Convincing yourself that you wouldn’t give in to any sort of opportunities that could actually brighten up your future is your attitude. Please do not try to impose this attitude to the entire nation. For the so-called ‘authority’, who feels that this is a scam, provide some genuine, reliable, and solid proof that could actually prove something, rather than wasting time with rhetoric theories and futuristic speculations.

Thank You.

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