In a bid to threaten the supporters of QNet who have initiated a reveal it all news portal ‘’ to expose the truth about the fabricated allegations against the company, self-claimed activist Gurupreet Anand has resorted to Twitter to issue his veiled threats of arrests and also display his machismo attitude.
Interestingly, three years ago a group of QNet supporters were arrested because they had started out an information blog on highlighting the good of QNet and exposing the false claims. This time however, Gurupreet Anand is expected to find a different shade of grey to deal with.
As the leader of the ‘I Trust QNet’, I, Ryan Sequeira openly state that we will continue to expose the truth behind the malicious campaign initiated by Gurupreet Anand with assistance from Money Life Foundation and certain sections of the main-stream media.
Being an individual who has assaulted his father is just the tip of the iceberg to the sick and habitual pervert that Gurupreet Anand is and we will expose how some police officials put a lid on it on a heinous crime, filed an F.I.R. and never acted on it.

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