QNet members over the last several months have been victimized through constant harassment from government authorities, financial institutions, media and sometimes the misinformed public while the allegations levied on the organization and its directors by the government authorities are still under investigations.

From being accosted at coffee shops by police personnel and dragged out into a police van to bank managers refusing to open an account, QNet members are now being viciously targeted in society on account of the allegations of money-laundering, fraud and cheating people of their money through investing in products sold online through the QNet India webportal.

A QNet woman from Mumbai narrated an incident to this writer, “I was sitting at one of the posh restaurants in Powai, Mumbai with my team. Few policemen came and started interrogating us on what we were doing there. They were somehow informed that we were from QNet. We tried to answer their unnerving questions in sincerity and respecting their authority, but they were not ready to listen to us. We went through 30 minutes of mental harassment with others in the public watching the scene and not even attempting to stop this harassment. Finally, they decided to call the police van to take us to the police station. When we refused, they tried man-handle us and forcibly put us in the van, the male police officers even had the audacity to touch the women in the group.”

Another woman from Bangalore told this writer, “The other day, when I was in a cafe in Bangalore, one of the local goons came into the coffee shop and started misbehaving with one of my female team mates screaming out foul language and abusing her as she is a part of Qnet. It was astonishing for me, but what was sadder was that none of the cafe staff refuted this behavior and we had to rush out of the cafe. It was close to 6.30pm in the evening and was one of my scariest experiences. We were treated as filth just because we were women networkers. Not only that, many of the coffee shop staff sometimes misbehave with us saying that we are from Qnet and start abusing us.”

A QNet member from Delhi narrated his incident when he went to open a bank account, “Not so long ago, when I went to a private bank to open a current account, the bank manager asked me about my business and I told him I am a member of QNet. After hearing about my business association with QNet, the manager started to show me all the negative articles on Google about QNet and started to call me a cheat and a fraud. The manager refused to open a bank account, even though my family has been associating with the bank for several years.”

A networker in QNet from Pune expressed his sheer sadness and dismay on being targeted by authorities. He had through the referral program introduced an individual to the QNet products and the individual became an IR out of his own free will. After a few months, when media reports on the QNet allegations started appear frequently, the individual decided it was time to extract his pound of flesh. So he started to blackmail the QNet member saying that if he did not pay the individual the money back with interest, he would fill a complaint with the police. This harassment prolonged for weeks. Finally, the QNet member decided not to pay him any money. The individual then caught a hold of a known police personnel and started to harass this young entrepreneur, 31-years of age, yet again, with threat that he would be arrested. The QNet member decided to return the money to the individual with interest out of his own pocket, rather that raise the issue with the QNet company, only to stop the harassment.

Another woman from Mumbai narrated how a man agreed to be a part of the QNet referral program through her reference but post after a few weeks his harassment commenced through numerous phone calls, lewd remarks and threats demanding returning of the money. He even started abusing the woman IR and indicated to sexual favors, if she did not want a police complaint. After the woman could not tolerate any further, she decided to hit back at him and threatened to file a sexual harassment case against the man and even refunded through the company.

Sometimes we fail to see the truth. And in that failure it is the innocent that are led like lambs to the slaughter. Such is the case of those who have willingly joined the QNet network. The constant negativity spread in the media over the last few years have ‘demonized’ then in the eyes of the public and have made them targets of victimization. But are they really the demons or just ‘lambs’ led to the slaughter, silently…







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