Imagine you are the owner of an online retail business that sells home improvement supplies to people all over the world. You have a popular website where customers can purchase building materials and tools, shipping the items directly to the customers’ doorstep. You launched your business 15 years ago, and built it from the ground-up. Today you have millions of satisfied customers. You are proud of your success, and rightfully so – you’ve worked hard and made many sacrifices to get where you are today.

But one day, a customer with bad intentions visits your company website. The man selects a hammer and a crowbar from the menu, puts it in his virtual shopping cart, and provides his credit card for payment. Several days later the tools arrive at his doorstep. Unbeknownst to you, the man is thief: he uses the hammer and crowbar to break into his neighbor’s house and steals a TV, gold jewellery, a laptop computer and other valuables.

The following week, police detectives barge into your corporate office. Government agents confiscate the business computers and freeze all company bank accounts. You are charged with robbery, plus breaking and entering. The police handcuff you, haul you away and throw you in jail. All for selling a hammer to someone you’ve never even met.

This may sound like an absurd scenario. But this has happened to QNET and several other leading direct selling companies, especially in developing countries that are the new emerging market for this global industry.

This is an industry wide problem and not just limited to QNET. Just about every direct selling company in the world has been accused of running a pyramid scheme and/or defrauding the public with fake products. What is interesting is that direct selling has been around as an industry for more than 100 years and in its current form as an alternate form of self-employment for around 50 odd years. Since its early days such misconceptions have always plagued the industry, just as they did the insurance business a century ago. Yet, the direct selling industry has continued to thrive and continued to grow by leaps and bounds and is today worth USD 180 billion (Source: World Federation of Direct Selling Association) globally in revenues.

Compared to many of the giants of the industry, QNET is still relatively young at 18 years. However, QNET is a pioneer in this business in Asia when most of the big companies originated in the USA or Europe. We were almost always the first company in this business in many of the markets in Asia and Middle East in the last decade and a half, leading the way for others and have in the process generated a lot of discussions due to a lack of understanding and awareness.

Direct Selling is an international business concept which has existed for many years, including and until its evolvement and development into Network or Multi-Level Marketing with a specialized marketing plan. These businesses including QNET are recognized worldwide to be legitimate businesses with real benefits and opportunity accruing to their participants and with a positive impact in reducing youth unemployment in many countries. In these businesses, the emphasis is on products and service in connection with the business.

Network or Multi-Level Marketing has unfortunately been tarred with adverse publicity stemming from “Pyramid Selling” or any other such illegal schemes. With a Pyramid Selling scheme, the emphasis is only focused on recruiting or introducing participants and rewarding this recruitment as opposed to the sale of any products or services whereas legitimate marketing plans provide rewards from genuine product sales. This is not the case for legitimate direct selling companies like QNET. Direct Selling is stable source of income for many and it has been in the industry for more than 100 years although relatively new in MENA.

QNET- a multi-national e-commerce direct selling company

We take this opportunity to set the record straight about QNET on the key aspects of products and business.

QNET’s Products

QNET sources its products through a very stringent process of quality check after evaluating hundreds of different manufacturers and suppliers. To give you some examples, the main beauty product is manufactured in a leading laboratory in France and nutrition products are sourced from well-established manufacturers. The SHARP QNET Air purifier is sourced from Japan and the watches with Japanese and Swiss movements are distinctive and have a mark of quality.

Wherever applicable, the products are tested and certified by leading authorities and register them with the relevant government bodies. QNET’s product development is backed by extensive research and development and goes through a detailed evaluation process before the products are put up in its proprietary eStore for customers.

Doing Business in India

QNET proudly prides itself in promoting exclusive high quality products and services that enable people to enhance their lifestyles as well as empowers them to be entrepreneurs. It is among few global direct selling companies that offer a wide range of products to support a healthy lifestyle and stress-free living. In India, QNET is the only direct selling company with an eclectic range of products right from high end luxury watches and personal care to nutrition supplements, home appliances that helps its Independent Representatives earn a respectable income from sales of products.  The co-branded Japanese product SHARP-QNET Air Purifier with latest innovative plasma cluster technology helps families breathe forest-fresh air and maintain a healthy hygienic home. Further, the personal care and nutrition range include natural skincare products, nutritional supplements and a range of herbal teas that promote healthy living every day. QNET’s exclusive range of luxury watches for the dynamic and upwardly mobile make a lifestyle statement.

QNET continues and will continue to operate and grow around the world, developing and building people to be self sufficient and to make a positive impact in their community. Be assured that with QNET, you have made the right choice. You are with a company that is dedicated to enabling people to rise through solutions that power entrepreneurship and enhance urban lifestyles.

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