I have been a part of the QNet network for over six years. I have also had my fair-share of being in the media. Therefore in an effort to correct the malicious attempts of a few self-christened activists and NGOs working in tandem with political masters to thwart the growth of one of the fastest growing Direct Selling global company in India, I Ryan Sequeira decided to combine my knowledge of QNet and my passion for investigative journalism as it was important for the people of India and globally to know the truth about the QNet operations in India.

The reason I Trust QNet is because I believe in its network, its products but most of all in its ability to empower an individual to enhance their economic and social status. It makes them self-dependent and masters of their career.

Direct Selling in India is a huge market and of course it threatens traditional business houses. But today this business has the power to change the lives of those who are willing to take charge of their own career and change their lifestyle.

Direct Selling is a revolution in the making and QNet is a facilitator of this revolution.

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