It has been an amazing journey in the world of entrepreneurship for me over the last few months and thanks to a friend who got me introduced to QNET. I have not looked back ever since. The company and my partners have provided tremendous support all along. Having witnessed the presence of huge number of IRs with QNET has not let negativity about the industry or the company come close to me anytime. All the statistics that FICCI has gathered definitely implies that we are in the right place and QNET is here to stay. It is high time that people who have been trying to tarnish the image of the company bow down.
The company offers great products and people have been enjoying them. The turnaround time with which the customer support responds is truly commendable. The trainings, the guidance and support offered to every IR in the organization is something I have not noticed anywhere in my long corporate journey.
Life with QNET has changed so many lives not only around finances, but in terms of learning how to face the odds in life, developing human values, seeing success in what one does and helping others succeed as well. Everyone here is groomed to be leaders and given an opportunity to build a big and strong organization for themselves.
Wish more and more people realized what they are missing in life and made up their minds to be part of the network marketing industry and even more a part of QNET.


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