Dear all,

I am using qnet products like watches, chi pendant, bio silver, air purifier and others. These are amazing products and we use it on daily basis. One of my relative used bio silver and the problem he was facing since last 15 years, he started feeling better now. He demands bio silver when ever it gets finished. It’s a superb company with superb product lines. Have used QVI holiday package too, and it is one of the best services ever.

Qnet pays commission only when I sell goods and services to others, and that’s the way any business happens. It’s a very very legitimate and genuine company. It’s a company which doesn’t set any difference between 2 individuals. Anyone who works hard, is paid off. Anyone who works and sell products and services are getting paid. Qnet never paid to recruit anyone in business. Qnet is not an investment or deposit scheme, it’s a legitimate business for legitimate people.

Yes, people who don’t want to put their hard work, and don’t wanna work according to the policies and procedure laid down, they are not paid commissions.

I don’t understand why you guys have shown something which is not true.

Jigar R

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