Dear Friends,

I have been working with the Corporate sector for last 18 years and prior to that was an officer with Indian Armed Forces for 6 years+. I want to elaborate my experience with the Network marketing Industry especially with Qnet.

1. From the very first day I understood that neither I nor the Company or its representatives have done anything wrong. I have taken a product of my choice which is world class and I can enjoy it for myself and my family. If I would have bought the same product from the market nobody had a problem but I bought this from an IR of Qnet, some people have a problem. I failed to understand why???

2.  The Company has given me a business opportunity apart from the product and in the process if I refer the product to somebody else in my circle and earn money in the process for myself and people around me what is the problem???…but still some people have a problem.

3. The product I buy are world class and come cheaper than available in the  market. The money which could have gone in the hands of intermediaries like distributors, dealers, etc is coming to us…so what is the problem???. We are the Distributors, dealers, Retailers…. everything for the Company …but still people have problem.

4. Some people say it is easy money, but had it been easy money everybody would have been doing it…then let those who say it is easy money come on board and earn this money. Then let them say if it was easy or difficult. This is a business which involves a lot of hard work, passion, perseverance and patience. A lot of people lose sight in between and vanish. Nobody can earn money or anything in life without having the above prerequisites. These are the kind of people who make the biggest noise, who want to earn big money but do not want to put efforts or follow the system. Then why blame the company.

5. The kind of camaraderie and the support you get here is unmatched. This Company not only gives you money for your hardwork but in the process makes you a good, confident and passionate human being.

  1. Its a human tendency to bark at every wrong thing yet we fail to appreciate good things…that’s precisely the reason that you will find more negatives on Google than positives. The failures in this Industry bark the loudest.
  2. The perception about the network marketing especially in India is very wrong as firstly 99% companies fail in 6 monthsto 2 years time and secondly there is no proper regulation for this Industry and this is compared even today with Chit funds Industry…whereas the two Industries are poles apart.
  3. I am very happy working as an IR with Qnet and bless those also who speak ill about this. God bless them.

Thanks and Regards Shekhar J

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