Dear Prasanna,
This has reference to recent media coverage on your channel pertaining to Qnet being a fraud/scam company. It is disappointing the way it was covered.
1)How can media in our country be so unethical and biased about the story?
2)Why the panel didn’t consist of representatives of Qnet?
3)If it’s a scam worth 1000 crores, then how is the TDS (10%) accepted by the Government of India as taxes?
4)Did anybody from your side do a background check on those who stated that they have been duped In Qnet ?
5) If Qnet is a fraud, then why will they be associated with INTERPOL at a global level and work in their FIGHT CRIME CAMPAIGN.
6) Manchester City Football Club (120 years old club) and FC Goa (owned by Virat Kohli and Ambani family) will definitely ponder prior to associating with Qnet. Earlier we have been associated with the most elite sport which is F1. The team was Co owned by none other than Sir Richard Brason.
Lets be honest and fair to them. Qnet works on a direct selling and network marketing platform. Many lives are depending on the Qnet income. There are people from sophisticated background working in Qnet.
Just for your knowledge, they are registered in Hong Kong and Hong Kong being the most stable economy, no hanky panky company is allowed to registered in this country. Recently in HK, they have received the award for the most caring company.
I would appreciate if Zee Business henceforth focusses on unbiased journalism and doesn’t focus on paid journalism. It’s creating a shame to your brand.
Apology is a must and I would like to see a coverage of Qnet story from a true perspective immediately.

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