Dear Sir ,

I want to bring it to your notice that I am an Independent Representative of Qnet and is deeply hurt about the wrong allegations made on the business model on your TV channel .

I want to highlight certain points here :
1. Qnet is a legal business model where in we earn commissions only when product and services are sold and not on recruiting people.

2. Qnet deals with a lot of amazing product and services . Vacations has been my favourite product till now , they have tie ups with multiple resorts all across the world . I had gifted my parents a vacation in Jim Corbett Rangers reserve resort and they loved it .

3. Also it is a wonderful business which actually changed my life … My uplines have been there with me in thick and thin providing me the best kind of support and helping me grow in the business .

4. Qnet has been always been fair with its dealings paid all commissions on time and that to 10%TDS deducted .

5. Qnet has associated them with the best of brands like IIFA and martina hinges which we are proud of .

I really request you to reevaluate ur reports and bring the truth in front of the people .. Some people shy away from hardwork and that’s why after knowing everything they take a back foot and spread negativity about my business . Qnet is a great company and all the people associated with it are also amazing .

Thanks & Regards
Garima A

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