Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the news that Zee News has been airing on Qnet without getting into the true facts of the matter. Request you to stop chasing your TRP and do some good to the society by giving out facts. As there is no law for MLM currently in India, there are a lot of mis-represented facts given by people and media at large. There should be some law to check whether what the media is reporting is true or not.

I am a customer of Qnet which sells quality product. All its products do get delivered on time. It is NOT an investment company nor a deposit scheme. You have to buy a product, else you cannot be part of Qnet. The company pays commission only when its products are sold and not for recruiting people which is typical of any Ponzi scheme. I have used the products of Qnet personally and can vouch for their superior quality.

Also, at the time of business meetings, it is very clearly stated that this is not a “get quick rich scheme”. It is like any other business which requires training and hard work and whoever joining must agree to this, else there is no point getting on board. There are no false promises of abroad travel or any money getting doubled….

People who are bad mouthing this industry might be the ones who haven’t understood truly how this works. Or they might have been cheated by thugs who are pretending to be part of Qnet though actually they are not.

Request you please to get into details of this matter before reporting anything else. Meet more people and networkers who have left there high-profile jobs and are working full-time as a Qnet networker. This company is one of the most high standard companies in MLM industry and for a few bunch of people, its name should not be tainted.

Pleaseeeeee get the facts cleared before airing anything false on this company.



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