Dear Team,
Me, Rasheedha P. A an independent representative of QNET testify that QNET is not scheme or we do not recruit people.
Personally, QNET has helped me change my mindset from just being an employee whole my life and to think like an entrepreneur.
Now, I have a hope to fulfill all my dreams. It has already full filled most of my dreams.
Apart from that I have achieved great skills to develop my personality for better.
So, please I would request you to kindly have a two sided debate than listening to one party who are less enlightened about the whole process.
With this I don’t deny that there are people who operate unethically. And the COMPANY QNET is not responsible for that and doesn’t have any control over it.
Our biggest QUALITY is a curse for us. Ie., being Open for all . This is the only business I believe Which gives equal opportunity to all.
Feel free to revert.

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