Dear Zee Business News team,
Yesterday i saw your operation loot against qnet. To be very honest i saw you not having correct information and showing things one sided. This is not the first time media is doing it, indian journalism has always been manupulating things and misguiding people for their vested interested. Your reporter had no knowledge of the things and he showed only one side story.
I am a Chartered Accountant associated with the qnet as an IR for more than 3 three years. I understand law much better than ur team sitting in studio.
Qnet is not a money deposit company. Its a legitimate MLM company where i earn my income only wen there is a turnover. I and my family use multiple products which has helped us a lot. Me and my family use bio disc, chi pendent, ole, watches, holidays. They are most amazing products. Many of my customer thank me for bio disc and chi pendent as it has helped them a lot.
Also i want to inform you that the founder of the company Dato Shri Vijay Eswaran is a speaker at WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.( I hope u guys know what it is, i guess u all have gone to a good school).
This is company registered in Hong Kong. Do u know how stringent laws are in Hong kong. Its there for the last 18 years.
This company is also recognised by UNDP.( pls check with ur civics teacher what is UNDP)
There are 100 other things which i can write but the problem is u wont be able to understand as good things media never understands.
So request you to stop being misguider in the society. U guys have power so please dont misuse it.
All i can say to u all is:

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