Dear Zee News Team,

This is Aishwarya from Dubai, UAE. [IR ID : HG960977]

I want to share a positive testimony of QNET.

I have been working with the company for close to 2 years now, and in the past 2 years I have not once experienced anything negative. Be it related to the products, the income, the people, the leaders, the training’s, whatsoever.

I have used multiple products from the portal, the luxury watches, the health and wellness products, and the Home Care products. Each of the products are state of the art and literally the best in the market. I haven’t come across anything better.

Where as the income is concerned, every time I have earned the money, I have received it in my account in time. Not once was it delayed. Also the income is based on products sold and not people recruited.

Where as the people are concerned, I swear to my life, I have never come across such good-hearted people anywhere. These people are willing to help anyone at any given point even if you meet them for the first time. They are such clean-hearted people and will never heart a fly. Everyone has so much positivity and great energy around them that just spending 10 minutes around them will make you feel so much better! I have found my family in QNET and the people who I am associated with have done so many things for me that my own blood relatives have also never done.

The people who run the company and our leaders are the most pure-hearted people on Earth and their vision is to change and touch one billion peoples lives around the world and they are getting closer and closer every single day. They are all millionaires and multi-millionaires but when you meet them one on one they are the most humble people on the planet and are ready to serve anyone even at that stage.

The trainings and events that the company holds are truly life-changing.

The kind of knowledge that they impart is unbelievable.

I have grown and developed a lot as a person in the past 2 years and this is only because of QNET. There was a time where I had stage fear and couldn’t talk in front of a huge crowd with a microphone in my hand but QNET gave me the chance to do that. Gave me a chance to be able to talk to anyone and everyone. Has made me different from everyone else of my age. Has thought me the importance of dreams and goals and many other things which I would never have learnt without this company.

This is a true testimony from my heart, QNET has changed my life and it is NOT A SCAM or a FRAUD.


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