Economic Offense Wing,

Unit XI

Crime Branch,


Respect Sir/Madam,

I am a customer on QNET Portal and has bought their wide range of splendid products, be it Holiday Club Vacation Memebership, Swiss Watch, Wellness.

I am more than satisfied with the products. If I explain about products:

– I have never seen an offer where I can travel in India or abroad in very cheap prices (Rs. 2300/- per night to Rs. 3000/- per night) that too for next 30 years.

– I was not found of watches as every 2 months my watch was in unwearable condition. But I am wearing a watch for almost 1 year and haven’t seen a single scratch. And above all I am enjoying world class Swiss watch.

– I am using their wellness product, one of them is biodisk which is an amazing invention and has countless benefits. Beauty of the product is you don’t need to consume anything.



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