Dear Readers,

My name is Srinjay S a structural engineer by profession and I am a newbie in this business. But still I will try too make you understand about QNET and why we should support it by explaining it in my testimony about QNET which is a first for me. Since I felt like writing about it that in turn confirms to the people that know me that I feel positively about the company as I do not easily sing praises about something or someone. So here goes-

It started when my friend, roommate & colleague got into a business which was introduced to him by his mentor. At first I was skeptical about whether he can do the business or not even though I did not know anything about it but day after day I observed that he was getting more and more into the business by spending more time doing it. So out of curiosity I asked what business are you doing and so he explained to me the basic concepts about it. After knowing about the business I thought that only losers enter this business. But as time went by I learned from my friend that he was earning quite a bit of money. So I got interested and gained knowledge about the business from him and affirmed myself to the fact that I can achieve financial freedom from doing it. As I sit here writing this testimony I have watched a few of the training videos and read the books which you are required to do before training can begin. I have also attended one online VCON that takes place on Sunday and feel positive about myself.

To conclude you can say that I a person who does not take anything in face value believe in QNET and know that I am going to achieve financial freedom doing this business and so can you.


Srinjay S.
Senior Engineer – Structural,

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