3 months ago one of my colleague has been referred to QNET and I felt it is very authentic business and they following all the norms. Being an IT professional and working in such a volatile market to start a company as a part time is not easy. I tried many other businesses before coming to QNET, like investing in shares, and partnering with educational institutions and everywhere need lot of capital investment and risk. When I heard about this business model I felt this is a right opportunity to start something on my own with not much capital investment. I started gathering lot of information about this business, read many articles, gone through the internet and found QNET is the one of the best direct business company in the world. I immediately signed-up and gotten a product and I thought I am not losing anything here and got it much better price than other club membership! After starting this business, by hearing lot of success stories from people who they become from ‘nobody’ to ‘somebody’ and it inspired me a lot. In QNET people treat everyone is equal, it doesn’t care about where you from or what color are you or ethnic group and the kind of culture they built in this organization is awesome. I worked a lot of corporate companies in India and outside India, but no one teaches about human relationship and I didn’t find a family atmosphere, but this company treats you like a family and they help each other.

I just started my journey and I think, a lot to learn and I see QNET is the best direct business company and best platform in the world to start on your own run my humans not by machines!


I am still like a cocoon and need to learn a lot and I am really enjoying this business.



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