Dear qnet
This is the gratitude letter for you .because when u entered in my lifeless life,i was above to leave this world just becoz of dipression .but laterI could recognize my self why I am here  on this earth.I realised my self and my existence .thanks for those people who got you to  this world .
I would like to share my startup with u .the day I started to work with u I started living my life .before i never thought I willbe alive for more 1and half year because I use to be in dippression that I cannot do any thing in my life .I am very thank full to that person whole heartedly for providing the chance .
People said many negetives about u dear, but I trust in my work than criticizing .so I never cared, after that u became loyal to me royal to my life .
QNET is not only life changing .also it gives life to those people who lost hopes in their life
Love u dear qnet
I will fight for u
I trust u qnet
I say always Dharma samsthapanathaya sambhawami yuge yuge .
U create the history we create legends for u .

God gives opportunities

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