Hello… It’s been couple of weeks I am seeing lot of blogs, media notes etc against QNET! And I wonder what’s wrong with people to post such articles or something like that without proper knowledge about the company and industry.. Honestly that doesn’t make any sense to me and obvious I ignore .. have been a part of QNET for almost 10months.. I am still working with QNET after understanding this can change my life style and me as person.

Initial stages my focus on the business was less , gradually I understood the potential of this business.. I understood this can give me what I deserve .. I realised what i deserve in fact .. One thing is clear, money is not everything but as a human i deserve a good lifestyle.. We work with good ethics.. There are people to support me all around the clock .. We became family .. It’s a process I change as a person specially .. Lot of challenges to face .. And I have sufficient support since there are people who faced similar challenges .. And solved problems.

It’s just how we Persue things and move with it .. My corporate experience never made me to work towards my dreams or my life style that I deserve .. And if I am with zero bank balance after 6 years .. I thought it’s a time that I give a thought and review why is this happening???? even after 40s I don’t think I can save a huge amount to lead a good life that I and my family deserve .. But here I learn .. Lot of realisations.. Hard work for projected duration that gives a projection of my earnings.. I don’t think any business or corporate life can give me this ..

It’s proven business and it’s just that I accept and support this company .. I was working for money .. And I had limited my lifestyle and families life style lower than what we deserve and now I don’t do such mistakes which I had been doing from last 6 years.

The infrastructure, the built of system, events , trainings , certifications, people (brand ambassadors )representing the company and world class top rated products never say this as a scam, primarily the survival of 18+ years would have never been possible.

Just to say I use a watch which I bought recently for myself is one of the best watches in Indian market and the design, performance and personal presentation makes me feel to be apart from others. It’s a dream come true for me .. To wear a Swiss made watch …..from one of the top rated watch makers. And I have been hearing from people about the products from QNET and I wonder how can someone try to spoil the image of well reputed company.

It’s been a good experience for me to be a part of QNET and it will be a good experience in coming future too.

Thank you


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