Hello there..saw the news yesterday…I was really upset about that..you guys dont even understand things first,just for sake of ur publicity youbare showing any thing…first apply ur common sence and think what people are saying..see urself…just because of some bunch of loosers who dont want to do any thing and want easy money or there
friends who did wrong commitment whole system has to suffer….and you guys dint even bother to know what is right and wrong ……Qnet is a company who is who changed many lives including me..its not abt recruiting people , commissions are based on product based…it is as simple as that..go and check iN ministry of co operate affairs and than talk…dont let any one fool you…people can say what ever they want.. One shud use their brain and then comment on any one…guys you may loose ur viewer’s if you kept doin this…..
Thanks..Proud IR of QNET..

Sapphire S B

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