I Mayank G as Independent Representative as a part of qnet. QNET is legitimate MLM company that’s sells quality products and its not a investment or deposit scheme. I bought one travel package which is actually good and there is not deviation of rates throughout the year. Commissions are based on product selling not by recruiting people, it’s products and services are good.
QNET is helping to the people who really want to work hard to achieve their dreams and I am the one of them.
Peoples who are blaming the company rather to do work hard on what company is providing the opportunity to change their life. It’s product and services are really valued for money and it’s just a simple business which is based on the purely commission based.
I want to say to those people’s who don’t want to do nothing but believing to spread misunderstanding without knowledge of the company. Please go through the company credentials and history of the company then you became to know what company actually it is and how it’s helping to peoples.

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