Myself Pavan Kumar, A proud IR of QNet(India). I started this Business in 2013,

where I came up with Middle class Family.

Through Qnet and also People in Qnet has helped me to grow personally and Professionally.

Qnet is one of the Best Direct Selling Company I have seen till now with lot of Ethics and Vision.

I have seen many people commenting badly in Google, they are people who depend on someones money

without putting real Hardwork. I am earning money from 3years from Qnet based the products sale,

not on referring people to invest. qnet has very awesome products I have used many products and

services which are really worth for money.

I have learnt many skills based on Personality development, It has helped me lot in my career

and also to live best in my life.

If any one having doubts on Qnet, please contact me and reach out to me any time, I will help

you people to Understand the Basic knowledge about Company and Policies and Procedures.

Instead of sitting and commenting on Qnet, Try to understand about company.

I know in India people will make money by just commenting on Others and genuine company Qnet,

Dog barks infront of gate to fulfill its stomach, But Some people barking to make money in illegal

way. Thats Why in India because of such people still its developing country.

India is getting Bad name because of such bad people. Many Good people are suffering

because of such Criminals(Mr A and Ms D) in India.

Me and Partners are doing Business Legally and Ethically and earning money  with taxes paid for my income.




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