Through out our life we wait for a good opportunity to come so that we can do something in our life….
And I got one…that is QNET… It has changed my life in a manner that I can’t explain you because you won’t understand….
Profit sharing is always there in all business……I don’t know why there is so much of negative propaganda for what the company does… And every money that is made is having proper involvement of government..The company pays taxes, they have proper receipts of each and every purchase that is made…
Company has lot of credibilities too incase people who put allegations forgot to check that…. For eg. Company is involved with FCGOA, Manchester ,IIFA awards, Davis cup…. And a lot more…and before putting allegations people should have in-depth understanding of what Company does and says…..
Partial knowledge is always harmful so please check all the facts and figures also…. I still don’t see any point of creating all these negative news…
I use products and services and I know they are not baseless…. Sad to see that without knowing anything about company ,people and media both creates so many negativities around the world…
I can proudly say that I am a part of QNET….

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