Hi All,
I am an independent representative of the company Qnet which is registered in India by the name of Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd. For the past few days I have been witnessing the news on your channel regarding Qnet.

I am writing this mail to inform you that Qnet is very genuine and legitimate network marketing company. I have been part of this company for the past 1 year and I am immensely proud to be part of this company. Let me very clear in stating that the compensation plan , products and the company in itself are all legitimate.
Please understand that like any other business , there are people who are associated with Qnet who do this business in a wrong manner. That is, by duping people by stating that it is a get rich quick scheme.
It really saddens me to say that an esteemed news channel like yours did not do their homework properly before broadcasting incomplete news to a country of a billion people. Please check out the article ‘Selling a better life’ written by Donald Frazier from Forbes magazine.
Looking forward to a true portrayal of Qnet in the days to come.
Praveen P

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