I am a professional software engineer and have spent a huge part of my life achieving the best pedestals that the companies I worked for had to offer, I was good at my work. The QNet opportunity helped me take the next step in my life to create a better world for my people, my close ones and my people who believed in me with this opportunity.

QNet is a legitimate MLM company and with my experience with others, is one of the best, with the excellent model where all gains equally, points why I started working with it and why I continue to do so:

1 – All money as well accounted for and handled wel by the representatives and any money I made was for product sales and not on recruitment , I always was timely paid commission for every product I retailed.

2 – the support system for the company was so strong that me being a layman could learn a moot about business, networking , life and myself , specially he importance of helping others in coming up in life both personal and professional

3 – taught me values I couldn’t have picked up
Anywhere else thorough my mentors and the company

All in all, it is the best opportunity out there for anyone looking to make income through genuine direct sales , it’s hard work , but it’s genuine atleast.

Dilnawaz S

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