Hi Media,

This is to bring to your notice that I am a part of QNet and I am so happy about it. It gave me an opportunity to add value to my life. Earlier What I was doing unknowingly I did it for myself I.e referring and earning legitimate commission for that. I work in Godrej properties and day and day out I do it for them without getting any commission.

QNet sell quality products that I am using. And I recommended them to my friends and family and they are also happy about that. I don’t know what’s wrong in that.

Being a media you are joy allowed to play with the credibility of any company. Put yourself in QNet and my shoes and feel the disgrace you are spreading.

I brought products of each and every penny I spent. There is no registration, investment and depositing acheme. It’s a pure direct selling and hybrid MLM. I am helping government also by paying taxes.

Please stop all non sense you are spreading. If you don’t have proper information get it first then say.

Anamika S

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