My name is Azel I’m a Swedish citizen and have been an independent representative for Qnet for the last 2 years. My IR number is EU671497.
I’m sending this mail to share my personal experience working with Qnet. I started this business because I wanted to buy a product called Physio Radiance, made in France. I visit the website www.qnet.net and ordered this product which I love as it gives me a better clean skin. I recommended physio radiance to my family and friends and get commission from qnet.
So where is qnet fraud?
Please search for the facts before you accuse our company! Qnet is legal in the whole continent of Europe and Sweden is one of the world’s wealthiest countries and people here are grateful to have this business, It’s helping us to have a better economy in Sweden.
Qnet pays commission based on products sold and not people recruited. All my friends are very happy with the great products they purchased and this business is a life style, it’s a life transforming business.
Qnet gave me not only a product but changed my life on a personal level. I learned great values from the leaders in Qnet.
Please consider the facts.

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