Hi team,
Before asking anything I have one Question

Dint it come aross your mind that the so called Qnet victims are above 25 years,well educated and matured can they brainwashed into a business.And even if they are brain washed there is REfund policy by qnet for 30 days,they dint knew that they were brainwashed and were into a scam for 30 days .

Most of the times this is the scenario
-People get into business knowing it is Network marketing,Qnet,mlm and all….they think money will fall from sky.They start and they get to understand doing business is not easy.They feel they cant do it and then they start blaming everybody around The sponsor,company,business. Act like a victim and harass the sponsors and company.
You should have covered thatt part of the sotry too………..

My name is Goutam reddy i saw the entire program that was aired on Zee business defaming QNET. I am a proud customer of Qnet i have bought club membership from QNEt and have sent my friends and family through it, before defaming Bio Disc please get your facts right on what is it and what is wellness industry.
I understand there might be few people doing business in our country in a wrong way.But you need understand what is Network Marketing,what is QNET,if network marketing is illegal then why is encouraged by all the countires world wide.people like warren Buffet have their own Network marketing companies.
When you have a debate on Qnet why is it one sided why dont you get people who are part of network marketing.Why isnt the good impact created by network marketing not shown.

ZEE being a credible brand name you should educate yourself more on the business model and the company before launching a stern attack against a very good company.Me and a lot of Zee viewers are dis heartened and we are really hurt by the channels biased airing.
We expect better from our favorite news channel.


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