Hi team,
I Rohan Bhatt am an independent representative of the company QNET. I’m deeply concerned about the story being aired on your channel about QNET.
I strongly believe that the news story is portraying a wrong image of our company.
QNET is a legitimate company which does not involve any recruitment or registration and any fee related to it.
We do not endorse any scheme on basis of investment of money. The commission that we receive from the company is solely on basis of selling of the products on our portal and NOT on investment of money. Just like any distribution channel.
We regularly pay out taxes to the government of India and also do KYC as per the RBI norms and invite RBI to monitor the bank accounts of all QNET IRs. All the transactions are done online and TDS is deducted for every transaction.
The products provided by our company are good quality value products. I personally am extremely satisfied by the products of the company.
I request you to please stop portraying the picture of our company in a false manner. Only due to opinions of a few people who are not aware of the in depth mechanics of the functioning of the company.
Rohan B

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