Hi There
I started this journey 18 months back. And I must say that I personally have gone through a tremendous change. Internal Change to be specific. Earlier I have come across hell lot of MLM firms, however nothing like Qnet.
My friends, closest buddies, relatives has not trusted me, however the change they have seen in me and the amount of money I am making, and the dreams I am ticking, they have started trusting in me and this business concept.
And the main thing, I am living those dreams which I would have not experienced while doing a job.
I am here to live those dreams. Money is just a bi-product. Relations I have build here, I have not experience such type of emotions.
Earlier I had a family of 4 now I have a family of 150+ moronic people, who are standing by you in your thick and thins.
Just think and imagine, that you are getting married, and your baraat has 150 moronic people who are dancing like a MAD.
I mean, I cant express the feeling to work on this beautiful project. Who says its a SCAM, must experience it first.
and yes….
Jitin M
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