Hi there,
I’m an Independent Representative of the QNET/Q.I Group.
I’ve thoroughly researched the company its partners and tie-ups, checked its validity, legality and ethics and all that is mandated before entering the business.
It is way better than other Large corporation’s in India.
For ex. If you visit www.mca.gov.in, the website for Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India you will find that Vihaan Direct selling, the company QI group has partnered with in India (as per FDI regulations) has zero charges against it.
Whereas if you look up certain other companies (eg: HDFC Bank) have pending litigation and other charges against them.
I have been made aware of all the terms and conditions of my compensation, which are fair, and the products are value for money.
What information you received is probably half-true and/or misleading from former disgruntled IR’s who thought it was a get-rich-quick scheme or had some other inhibitions in their mind which did not work for them.
Akash K

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