Hi Zee News Team,

I was greatly disappointed by the report you showed regarding QNet, the MLM company I am also associated with.

The news which aired was poorly researched. No efforts were done from your team to interview people who are serious in the business. Not enough research was done abt the company. The explanation from company was not sought before airing a national show which if wrong would affect a lot of people like me, who are doing the business ethically.

Let me introduce myself. I am an engineering graduate who used to be with an IT firm from 2009. Joined QNet in 2010 September. Decided to quit my job and move full time in QNET in Nov 2013. A handful of young professionals are doing the business full time in my team. Others in my network are students and working professionals. It is painful that a credible channel like Zee News didn’t even put any effort to interview some people like us.

Many of my people have bought the vacation packages from QVI Club which you can easily compare to the competitors like club Mahindra. And you will be finding that the product is worth the money you are spending.

Sir,  It’s very easy to tell in a national television that a company is selling the products which are not worth. I am sure the people who were behind the show didn’t even researched properly about the products of QNet. The people who were in the discussion panel after the video dint had a slight clue what they were talking about. They were just telling some random facts and opinions.

Sir, I would like to request you to investigate properly on the topic and have a genuine show regarding the QNet business model

Vishnu A S

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