Hi Zeemedia,

I am a IR(independent represented ) of the company called QNET.

I have purchased product and services which is a travel product from QNET. When I have checked this product after receiving it, it was a very worth product.

I am using this product, it is awesome.

I am really happy customer and I love that awesome product.

I have referred my friend and relatives to purchase that product, I got commission. When I refer anyone for puschasing any product, I got commission like any other app (OLA, UBER, MakeMyTrip etc). One more thing how much money I earn as a commission which is already after tax deduction.

I am a part of QNET from last 3months, there is nothing that last day shown in your channel. The all this things are bullshit.

QNET is a legitimate and completely legal and ethical business which changes my life.

Thanks & regards,

Subhasis S

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