Before starting by business I was not able to talk to anybody. I used to stutter and stammer.

After starting the business I have gained such confidence that I can write this email to you and if given a chance , I could talk to the publisher of the news on live television.

Do you do your research before you publish anything ? do you even try and Enquire with the people who are happy with the business or just make a fuss out of some incident.

People and media like you are responsible for poverty in India. You are responsible of killing so many dreams even before they sprout.

The rich get rich and poor get poorer

Just because some media like yours publishes baseless articles.

The company gives a fair chance to provide source of income by legal and ethical means .

If you see any problem. Let’s discuss it over a common platform where it’s crystal clear. Not by accusing the company because of the some people who misuse the brand name and the industry.


Today let me write something from my heart. QNet is a company for which I could do anything and I will work with it till I die. Can you tell the same for yours?



Sheik B

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