I am Abhijith an IR of qnet . One day a friend called me and said me that she need to meet me immediately , I replied that what is the matter and you can tell me on the phone . She replied me that I’ll tell it when we face to face . I didn’t expect anything but got some curiosity . And I went there and one of my old friend was there to pick me on bike and he took me to a office and he said that she was waiting there for me and I saw her and enquired about thing . She tell me that she is associated to an amazing business but she don’t know how to explain and someone you must to meet , I’m already take an appointment for me and he will be explain the plan for me and  ready to go . I entered into the office , he’ll be in a minute . A person entered the room and sit opposite to me and introduced herself and explain the plan. After that a person was came near me and enquired whether any doubts. He cleared so many doubts and stepped out from the office I saw some of my school mates classmates were there in front of that office. They said that you should try this if you have a dream to achieve. They helped me to arrange the cash for a start. Company have sides of products and its really worthy and it is. I signup into qnet and start working . for an new born of this business I don’t know the actual challenges but times up for that also. I share an opportunity to my best frnd he said that you are already into a money chain mlm then why are you take to this scam business.He rejected and tried to share this negativity to college frnds  and also social media groups also. At that moment I m really cried inside but I have to cover my sad face inside for prove them wrong. Makes plans and plans and slowly things were started to work on me. Now if I m going to a marriage ceremonies lot of there to say that there the money chain was there don’t talk or go with him or he’ll be cheat u by put u through that.  But I never cared for that because I have a vision  I have a dream I have my partners I need to make my partners dreams into reality. Now I’m getting negativity in my home also  each an every day but now its started to change I can feel the change. The things were started to change around me.
Now I doing this business for prove them wrong. I know they have to admit it one day its not far away. This business is like a bamboo we have to accept that first and do the things to do in right time.
Qnet changed my life ,I trust qnet. I’m going to write my life on my way of course I m going to take the shot on my own with a huge community of initiatives . Ocean really is going to change your life if you believe. If your belief is strong on qnet you will make your dreams into reality . I can I will #Qnet  #Ocean

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