I am an independent representative of QNET India Private Limited.
Your news is completely bakwaas and false allegations on our company.
I have been with QNET for 3 years now and I have been getting paid every single week for my work. We work on profit sharing model. Any turnover that happens on the portal, we get paid for the same.
Qnet is a legitimate MLM company. You cannot ruin our name by your news. We sell quality products and services. I am using several products and services and have loved them.
This business has changed my life. By giving little time in flexible hours.. the products are value for money.
The commission is given when a product is sold…not by recruiting people. Like any other business in the world.
You really have the courage to show such nasty news about my company…without doing proper research on it???? I thought channels show news after proper due diligence. But u proved me wrong. Now do proper research on our business model and you will come to know that it’s out of the world.
Those people are unlucky who didn’t get opportunity to work with this company.
I thank God for getting QNET in my life.
Niti B

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