I am an IT professional and started my business with qnet 2.5 years back. This company has changed me as a person.  When I started with this company, I had no clue about network marketing /Direct selling.  I was very introvert in my office even though I am very talkative. Because I was in an environment where people were always ready to pull you down.So my focus used to be working sincerely. But after starting with Qnet, I got my personality back. I learned how to work in a team. How to work in a collaborative mode. I understood the real meaning of relationships. Here, I am growing and helping others also to grow which is the beauty of Qnet. Yes, I am making money but more than this I am building myself as a human being. I just love this industry, network marketing,  which provides equal opportunity to each and every individual. I AM PROUD TO BE THE PART OF NETWORK MARKETING AND QNET.

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