I am just 3 months old in qnet. I don’t have much to share but my journey of 3 months is so amazing and I feel proud to be a part of Qnet. My life has totally changed. This business doesn’t only help me in financial growth but also in inner growth.
My experience of vcon was also really awesome. As all says I can’t put into my words but what I can say Magic does happen there.
Earlier I was against of Network marketing but joining qnet has changed my mind completely. Now I feel this is the best way you can help people. This is the platform which builds the relationship between people.
I have taken many decisions but the one which I want to share with you is that I am not gonna leave Qnet and I will change the life of maximum people I can.
Being a newbie into this business I have used less products like chairos Swiss watch and chi pendent but they are really good. Specially I want to share experience of chi pendent. It is actually an energy product. I wore it in vcon and my energy was fully charged. I wear swiss watch daily and it automatically helps me in edification 😉
In all I want to say that I love being part of Qnet Family.

Isha Bhartiya

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