I am writing to you as a user of QVI Club and other products of the Qnet portal. I have found these products are value for money. I had done my due research before purchasing the QVI club holiday package and compared to other holiday packages in the market I found this one suited my needs better.

Not to name the other company but the most popular holiday package available in the market provides me access to limited resorts within India where as at the same cost I would get access to more than 2000 international resorts and some of these resorts are equivalent to 5 star properties (you must visit their property Prana Resort & Spa, Koh Samui)

I realized that even a week spent in a 5 start resort would cover the cost of the package and all other days would be bonus!

I can easily afford hotels across India and did not need to limit my options by buying a package of 25 years with the other company. I aimed at International holidays and would rather buy QVI club to go on vacations.

The other company too offers referral money to its users but I would rather recommend QVI club to people and earn a bit of incentive here.

So I don’t understand why you would consider this a scam and not the reference program of the other company. Please help me understand since you are out to create awareness.
It is disappointing the way you have branded a company a scam without knowing their products or researching the facts.
A HAPPY user
Preeti D

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