I saw the news on your channel about the Qnet and then I went for a moment in thinking zone.

Before that, let me share who I am and what my background is.

I come from a small city in Chhattisgarh. Where I never had a father. So struggle to do my education. When I completed my education till MBA – HR. I worked for 9+ years in big companies as HR professional. Some of the company I worked for are the top company in the globe.

I was referred in this business of Qnet by my friend. And I was very much aware about the Ponzi schemes and genuine network marketing companies..

Qnet offer a varied range of products and services accros the globe. I made the purchase of products and used it trust me they are really very good and live up to my expectations.

Now, I am associated with Qnet as thier distributor/ independent representative. And have been referring people. But never ever cheated somebody by giving them false hope of money or dreams.

My house hold expenses are now taken care by the earnings of Qnet. Qnet has never ever given me any money if there is no product sold in my network. In fact I started receiving the commission post my KYC done. And I am really glad to know that they also deduct my taxes.

I am an honest citizen of India and would never entertain any company if they indulge in any Kind of fraud. I am witnessed to Qnet ethical approach towards the business not in India but abroad also.

The company at no point promise that it will make somebody more wealthier if they just invest the money.. Company believe in promoting the sale of goods or services through word of mouth.

In return it is actually helping Indian economy. People are spending in India and independent representative are paying taxes..the Industry has tremendous scope. I believe government should come up with regulatory. And media should help on it. Rather than creating such news.

All I wanted to say was. Qnet is doing the business very ethically and believe in the sentiment of every individual.


Vidhya B D

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