In response to the articles which are being published by the news group, I am RAISING my concerns and letting you know that how bogus your editorial is.

Please note, understand and remember the facts which I am going to present.

1) I have not invested in QNet, neither do I ask anyone to invest. Any money spent in favour of the company is to buy a product.
2) company has an e commerce portal where a user can buy any product. The purchase happens only via e commerce portal and there is no cash transaction.
A person who wants to buy a product, selects a product and then make a demand draft in the favour of company which is used to buy the desired product
3) I was explained completely about each and everything about the procedure and it was my choice to start on the opportunity provided. And also if I have to explain it to anyone, I explain with utter and complete clarity
4) I was paid when and only when there was a product sale happened, in a form of a commission, which was clearly told to me before I started
5) please and it’s my humble request to check facts and figures before getting anything published. Also stop any baseless information getting circulated.

Syed A A

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