Qnet is an awesome company with great products. I and my family have been using Qnet products from more than 2 years now. Everyone in my family are in love with Qnet products like Bio Disc, QVI vacations, Chi Pendant, Bone Health, Aloe V, Edge,
Berry Xtreme, Herbal Tea, E guard, Skin Health, Physio Radiance, Cosmetics, Watches, Brill Time and many more wonderful products.

And moreover every single penny a person earns through Qnet business is because of sale of products not because of recruiting people or false notion of making members.Its a legitimate direct selling model which involves ecommerce as it is base. And also want to bring to your notice that whatever money a person earns is 10% TDS deducted at source. Do you mean to say that government agencies and officials doesn’t have sense to distinguish between a fraud and a legitimate company ?

I can even give you lot of testimonies of people who have benefitted from Qnet products and are living a healthy and Happy Life. It is an organisation with which reputed celebreties and renowned teams and groups like to associate with. These groups also have a reputation and brand value to mantain. And with panel of succesful lawyers at their end, do u think they will associate with a fraud company and risk their brand value in the market ?

Kindly look into the facts before questioning the legitimacy of the company. How can you even raise a question on Qnet ? A company with amazing products and noble vision of helping mankind in the form of charities in cases of natural calamities, whenever required.

I think you owe an apology to the company and people associated with it for the attempt to defame them.


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