This is a reply to the show that was aired yesterday 19th April, 2016.

Qnet is not a ponzi scheme as they sell products worth the value. The products such as watches, travel packages are too good for the value. Moreover, it has changed the lives of thousands of people. It is a network of people that are driven by a common goal. It generates money not by recruiting people but by generating revenue for the company. The sales that we generate helps people make money in the organization.

Apart from that it brings much more intangible changes to ones life. It helps them build confidence, enables them to help more people, look for a better life and gain more perspective. My friends have achieved a life style that he could not imagine. The values that we build in our organization is not to fool people or abuse them but to provide proper information and then help or enable them to achieve all the goals that they have had.

Everyone working with us have checked off one or more goals of their vision chart, which looked almost impossible in the mundane life.

It has helped me improve my professional skills, communication skills, people skills and overall growth as a person. The entire organization is built on value of trust, care and affection towards fellow beings.


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