My name is Nikhil K. I am currently an IR of QNET. Im an aerospace engineer, who graduated in 2015 and was placed in the TATA group through campus recruitment.
Two months into the job , i got invited by a friend of mine to listen to the business plan of QNET and that has changed my life for the best!
Through Ocean, one of the wonderful training platforms for QNET IRs, i have been equipped with the resources and confidence to become an enterpreuner, which i thought i could never achieve. QNET has transformed me as an individual to become a confident businessman with high ambitions and dreams. Ocean has nurtured my potential to be succesful and continues to do so with the utmost vigor and continues to do so. As my career in direct selling advances, i can confidently say with all conviction that i will be able to give not just myself, but a lot of others a much better life through this amazing platform. I have realized that this is the right platform for anyone with a positive mind and a desire to be more than ordinary.
OCEAN has boosted my leadership qualities and my management skills with money and people, which in my opinion are the best tools for anyone’s success.
Now, though born to a normal middle class family, even i can dream without setting any upper limits or boundaries!
Thank you QNET and OCEAN for setting me on my path to financial freedom and moreover, making ne a much better person.

Nikihil K

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