I am doin qnet and it has a simple business of direct selling we give money in exchange of products .The products are ultimate m using them personalli
The business model is not an investmnt or deposit scheme its simple products in return of money which is very much legal
The ppl around me are very happy about what dey are doin we work with values no false commitmnt is made no anyone cz we work with ethics not just me bt all the ppl using the qnet products are happy about it and are very usefull
Ppl who are putting eligations are those who are not able to put any sort of efforts to it and dont have any knowledge abt the industry
All the ppl around me who are doin this business are very much satisfied with the products and the industry
Even the person who referred me into this business has always thought me good values and have tld me not to make any wrong commitmnt to anyone and has very clearly explained this business to me before starting
The incomes that comes is coming from the profit gained by selling of the products
I am very happy and proud in doin what m doin and request you to not let the losers spoil the image of the company unnecessarily

Dr Anshul

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