I am Rithul PS, QNET IR since 2015.

The wonderful platform that I have come across in my life… Its a direct selling company which sells products and help us to earn income through the commissions from selling products.
I am writing this just make you understand what actually I attained from this…
I am a mechanical engg by proffession. I was hoping for a successful life in corporate level minding my own business, lazy all the time, in fact behaving jus like a robot doing his functioned program all the day. Unfortunately life taught us everything won’t be perfect with that alone. I’ve started this business as a part timer… Many people stopped me from doing this,they said it won’t workout, you won’t gain anything. Actually what I saw was QNET is not just a company it brought up the entrepreneur in me… Made me realize my potential, helped me understand the purpose of living that was not just working for a living alone…
I was a total moron who like all others thought life would be easy and success comes in easy hands… QNET changed my perspective of life, it thought me the power of dreams, changed my personality and showed me the real purpose of living… That is to be a helping hand to others… Now I am sure I could at least change someone’s life through this platform. Have seen so many negativities around… As long as I have a strong reason to be in this platform since i come from a middle class family with limitations to my real potentials and the company has provided me with earnings, self improvements, an opportunity to help others… It makes me feel that I can do more in life….
And thanks for the “OCEAN”family…. Who has supported me, who made me understand the power of dreams, and made me realise the goodness of helping others-the soul purpose of our living and also for making me realise our life is more than what we thought of… And also to let others understand their real potential… Thank you QNET

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